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  1. Blogging..

    May 21, 2012 by carlyd600

    Sadly the blogging challenge is coming to it’s end. I loved blogging and it was been an amazing time for me. I will defiantly miss blogging but i might even start my own blog when school is done. There were many good things and bad things about blogging. So here is my list on goods and bads.


    • It helped me be more creative
    • It helped my writing improve
    • I learned different widgets
    • I learn many new websites
    • I loved visiting other blogs
    • I loved making Widgets
    • I loved the Blogging Challenge
    • We didn’t learn Grammar
    • We took to much time on it
    • We only did the blogging challenge
    • We never did personal post’s







  2. Week 10: The Survey

    May 16, 2012 by carlyd600

    Its week 10 on the Blogging Challenge and I Interviewed my friend Ashley. I asked her questions about her blog here they are….

    And here were her answers:
    • Ashley wrote 20 posts
    • 20 were school based, 19 were interests, 10 were set by challenge
    • Ashley received 19 comments
    • Ashley received most of her comments on her post “My Interests” she thinks that she received most of her comments on that post because it was the most interesting and fascinating post that she has written
    • Ashley enjoying writing “My Intrest” the most
    • Ashley changed her blog theme because she could not have a cluster map on the other one
    • Ashley doesn’t have any widgets so I guess she doesn’t have enough
    • Ashley has 5 over sea students on her blog role so far!
    After I interviewed Ashley and asked her was she thought about my blog.. this is what she said
    My friend Carly has amazing writing skills and her blog really displays her skill of writing wonderfully.
    She put her blog together nicely and shows that she has an eye for style.
    She titled the posts were interesting and that is what made me interested.
    Some of her widgets distracted me but they were not bad. 
    One pointer that I would share it to have less widgets but otherwise it was great!!!

  3. Week 9: More Blogs….

    May 14, 2012 by carlyd600

    Its Week 9 on the Blogging Challenge and this week it to find three blogs you loved and do a review on them!

    The first Blog I love is…

    Grace P: I enjoyed reading Grace’s blog her posts are written well. She also has awesome widgets which are so fun to play with. Her blog is colorful and fun! all her post’s are so entertaining with tons of color and inspiration. You should defiantly go check out her blog and you will defiantly love her blog! So go check her out and you will be impressed.

    Rachel’s: I loved reading Rachel’s Blog! First of all her Blog back round is amazing and I adore it! Her posts are all really long and you can tell that she really took her time and thought in making her posts. You should go check her blog out and you will instantly love her blog.

    Daisy, Lily, Raiha’s Blog: Their blog is amazing! their posts are so entertaining and full of color. They are good artist and have really cool widgets. They take lots of time and thought creating their post’s which makes their blog so amazing. You should really go check out their blog and you will be impressed!

  4. Homer and Phidias

    May 4, 2012 by carlyd600


    For History me and my Agros group did a presentation about Homer and Phidias Enjoy

    Click here to see presentation –> Homer and Phidias

  5. Week 8: Learning Life

    May 1, 2012 by carlyd600

    Its week 8 on the Blogging Challenge and this weeks challenge is to share something you have learned in your life. Something I have learn that is very valuable to me is how to play basketball. In the Prezi you will learn much about me and how much I love Basketball. Here is the Prezi on how I learned Basketball. Click Here to watch my Prezi!

    What have you learned in Life and how is it important to you comment down below!

  6. Week 7

    April 26, 2012 by carlyd600

    Its week seven on the Blogging Challenge and this week is to have FUN! I sure had fun with what I did! I made a Sand Picture! It was so fun I really enjoyed making it! Here it is I hope you will enjoy my picture and will try the Sand Pictures!!!!

    What Fun things did you try this week!! comment down below!!

  7. Collage of Penguins

    April 19, 2012 by carlyd600

    Penguins are my favorite animals because they are so cute and fluffy! So i thought it would be cool if i made a collage of penguins Enjoy!!


  8. A-Z Jobs

    April 19, 2012 by carlyd600

    Its Week 6 on the blogging challenge and this week’s topic is jobs. I am going to be doing

    the A-Z Jobs!

    A- Artist

    B- Basketball Player

    C- Carpenter

    D-  Dog Walker

    E- Employee

    F- Fishermen

    G- Geologist

    H- Hair Stylist

    I-Igloo Builder 

    J- Janitor 

    K- Kindergarten Teacher 

    L- Lifeguard 

    M- Maid 

    N- Nurse

    O- Orthodontist 

    P- Painter

    Q- Queen


    S- Singer

    T- Tap dancer

    U- Undercover Agent

    V- Veterinarian 

    W- Waitress

    X- Xylophone maker

    Y- Yodeler

    Z- Zoo Keeper


    create free polls | comment on this

  9. Week 4: Water in Africa

    March 29, 2012 by carlyd600

    This is Week 4 on the blogging challenge and this week’s challenge is to Make it Global, and this week we are suppose to find an issue that we are interested in and want to make a difference in or help. And my topic is going to be the Water in Africa. People in Africa are suffering and dying because of this bad water problem. National Geographics said: “Local water stream’s in Africa are polluted with Two billion tons of human and animal waste”. Living Water International said: “Nearly 90 percent of all diseases in the world are caused by Unsafe drinking water”.

    “Which brings  2.2 million deaths each year“. “The lives of 5,000 children under the age of five die of water-related diseases, thats means one kid dies every 15 seconds”.We Have to make a difference in this problem, and help the people of Africa. We can help by building new clean water wells in Africa. Here are some charities that are helping this problem:, Living water International, World Concern, National Geographics.

    I hope you enjoyed my post and will make a difference in this world thank you 🙂

    Click here to see a video about the Water of Africa

    Leave comments in what you will do to stop this?

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  10. Interest’s/Hobbies

    March 22, 2012 by carlyd600

    I have many Intrest’s/Hobbies but my favorite is…………


    I love Basketball!!!!!!

    I have been playing basketball since I was six.

    And I am currently twelve so i have been playing for six years.

    I love the feeling when a team mate passes the ball to you and you make a swoosh!

    I get all happy and it makes me play even more better.

    Basketball is my favorite sport and I will never stop playing.

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