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  1. Week 8: Learning Life

    May 1, 2012 by carlyd600

    Its week 8 on the Blogging Challenge and this weeks challenge is to share something you have learned in your life. Something I have learn that is very valuable to me is how to play basketball. In the Prezi you will learn much about me and how much I love Basketball. Here is the Prezi on how I learned Basketball. Click Here to watch my Prezi!

    What have you learned in Life and how is it important to you comment down below!

  2. Collage of Penguins

    April 19, 2012 by carlyd600

    Penguins are my favorite animals because they are so cute and fluffy! So i thought it would be cool if i made a collage of penguins Enjoy!!


  3. Interest’s/Hobbies

    March 22, 2012 by carlyd600

    I have many Intrest’s/Hobbies but my favorite is…………


    I love Basketball!!!!!!

    I have been playing basketball since I was six.

    And I am currently twelve so i have been playing for six years.

    I love the feeling when a team mate passes the ball to you and you make a swoosh!

    I get all happy and it makes me play even more better.

    Basketball is my favorite sport and I will never stop playing.

  4. Me

    March 15, 2012 by carlyd600

    It is week two on the blogging challenge and this weeks challenge is to make an Avatar! and I made two because it was SO much fun!

    My first avatar was made on Adventure Maker look at the picture down below

    My second Avatar was made on Voki

    Click here to see my Voki

    I am like my Avatar because I love fashion!

    I have blonde hair just like her!

    Her shirt is pink and thats my favorite color

    She is tall just like me!

    My Avatar has lots of similarities to me and I enjoyed  making this awesome Avatar!                                                                             

  5. I am from…

    March 9, 2012 by carlyd600

    The theme in a novel is shown when the protagonist experiences a hard time which then teaches us how to deal with it in our life. Jonas learns that life is not just now but there is history before him. Life is about the past and the future it will guide us like a river, and  will take us through life. It will go on and things will change. My life flows like a river. I am from all the people behind. I have changed many people lives and they have changed mine.

    I am from bright rays of sun gleaming on my face. I am from cold, sweet snow cones in the hot sun. I am from gold, soft sand in between my toes. I am from loving the cool breeze spray on my face. I am from a Dad who enjoyes watching the surfers glide on water. I am from feeling cool milkshakes sooth my tongue as the hot sand burns my feet. I am from loving petting zoos and the animals I got to pet. I am from a mother who roamed the tough streets of New York, which has taught me to never give up and be happy with what I have. I am from a brother who runs around non-stop with loads of energy. I am from watching the sunset slowly fade away.

  6. Creative Carly

    February 7, 2012 by carlyd600

    I am a person with many personality’s/quality’s but one of my most famous quality’s is being creative. I am an artistic person who adores bright colors. I am unique in a way how I look or draw pictures. When I paint pictures I love the finishing look. Another creative side of me is taking pictures. I take pictures all day with my dad’s camera. And my favorite thing to take pictures of is a flower.

    I love all their shapes and sizes and bright colors, and the way they look after a drizzle of rain. And with all the pictures I take I make big collages of all of them together. Another creative aspect that I do in my free time is make music videos to my favorite songs. I love to make music videos and edit them, it is really when my creativeness really shines. Music videos help me show my inner self and the crazier Carly comes out. All of these features of me show a lot of hard work but when it’s done it looks amazing. Being creative is always been apart of me and about who I am today.

  7. I Am

    January 23, 2012 by carlyd600

    I am Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Friend, Niece

    I am Loud,Crazy, Funny, Smily and Happy

    I am Sandy and Fresh, Seeing the surfer glid on the ocean

    I am hot coco with marshmallow on a cold winter day

    I am Cookies N Cream, smooth and silk like creamy ice cream

    I am Blonde Hair, Green eyes and Smooth skin

    I am Cute top, Jeans, Grey vans

    I am loud, crazy, love having fun

    I am dance, music, loud, happy, fun,

    I am noise of laughter with a smile so big

    I am loved, thankful, humble, and peace

  8. Ideal Job

    January 19, 2012 by carlyd600

    If i could pick one job for me it would be very hard to pick because there are so many choices and I dont really know what I would like to be (I mean I am only 12) but if I had to pick right now it would be a pro basketball player. I love to play basketball, I play it every week and i am even on a team! All day I think about playing basketball. And how much fun I have on the court. My favorite part about playing basketball is when you steel the ball and make a shot. It makes me feel so happy while my team mates and coach (my dad) cheers me on. But it feels especially good when you win because it just makes the rest of  my day perfect. But also we lose sometimes and you just have to suck it up and keep practicing. Picking jobs is hard because there are so many choices and they all are so hard to choose. But basketball would definitely be on the top of my job list.

    But To pick a more practical job for me I think as a Vet it would be best suitable for me. I love all animals and helping them. Every Sunday I volenter at a pet hospital and help animal who have not been adopted yet. I love volentering because when I play with them and give them love, they just look so happy and grateful for what they have. Which always makes my day and makes me think of all the little things I should be thankful for. I want to be an vet because I care for animals and how they are treated and I think as a vet I would treat them well. I have a very big heart for animals and I would love to help them all around the world. If I am a Vet I would definitely take pride in it and change animal’s lives.

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